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Vachislav Yurovskih

Vachislav Yurovskih



One of the most aged-fighters on the street fighting championship "STRELKA"

Achievements: "Merciless Warrior" in the first season of the championship"STRELKA" third tournament 1/3

Achieving the "Lion Attack" in the second season of the championship "STRELKA" first tournament 2/2

Total de lutas: 0
Vitorias/Derrotas/Empates: 0-0-0
Titulos Winner of the tournament-goal match of Class "M" Division Rules WPFL MMA


Apelido: Ali Baba
Origem: Russia,Moscow
Idade: 40
Altura: 176 ft
Peso: 67 lbs
Estilo: amateur wrestling


About Me

A cynical egotist, cruel, like all romantic nature, grew up to 176 cm and had time to collect 67kg of weight

Wild, unsocially adopted  ,  “the product of modern time."

Harmful, offensive, very touchy and vindictive

Strongly cursed, spiteful and I can’t make it change :(

Favorite Quotes:

I’m Free like a wind.... angry like a dog.... and lonely as a wolf....

It is better to be hungry , than eat something terrible and unknown, and better be alone , than be together with someone who's unfamiliar for you -  Omar Khayyam

Sports Club: SC "Slava" (Moscow)


Martial arts is a cruel sport which makes you do the best you can. Sports carreer is short and if you embrace the road of martial arts you can’t afford yourself to lose any day. You can only win when you are young, when your blood boils with hormones. Later you won’t be [...]

No country for old man





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